Friday, March 29, 2013

Double Feature: Puppet Show and Nightmares

     Ok folks, I'm getting itchy with Season 1. Next up we've got Episodes 10 and 11, Puppet Show and Nightmares, respectively.

     So on we go: Puppet Show! Sunnydale has a new principal, Principal Snyder, who hates kids and his job and forces Giles to be in charge of the talent show. My high school didn't have a talent show, but we did have a karaoke competition once and I won it singing Like a Virgin. Totally inappropriate. ANYway.
     Basically, this is another episode that's outside of the main Big Bad Master story arc. Somebody kills a kid at the talent show & steals her heart, so of course Buffy & the crew are on it. Giles wears a lot of really attractive sweaters and Cordelia sings The Greatest Love of All really badly (of course she does). There's a kid with a ventriloquist dummy that's ALIVE!!!!! so of course Buffy thinks the kid and/or the dummy is a demon who's doing the killing. The demon needs a brain from somebody extra smart.

1.    Giles forgoes the tweed for some super librarian-adorbs sweaters in this episode. If you asked me which episode the one with the dummy was, I'd say "Oh yeah, Giles wears some great sweaters in that one."

Case in point. Sweater vest, adorbs. 

2. Buffy wears a leopard print dress that is totally adorable and also totally inappropriate for school and Willow mixes prints like she's me in high school.  

3.    They think this kid Morgan is the demon, but it's actually the terrible magician Marc. He turns into a demon, they kill him the end.  But wait- there are NO VAMPIRES in this episode. First one so far. 

Obviously, I don't give a crap about that episode. It felt like filler. Entertaining filler, but filler all the same.

On to Nightmares! 

Buffy has some nightmares about Master Kool-Aid mouth (OH YEAH!) and then peoples' nightmares start coming true! Oh no! Giles gets lost in the stacks and forgets how to read, Xander goes to class naked and gets chased by a clown, Willow is an opera singer who can't sing, Buffy has to take a test she hasn't studied for, her Dad doesn't want to see her, and she gets confronted by Master Kool-Aid mouth in the cemetery and buried alive, then turned into a vampire. Oh, and Cordelia is a nerd with frizzy hair. It's dramz. The whole time, there's this little kid and a club-armed monster man.

1. Billy Palmer, the little kid, is not Joseph Gordon-Levitt. 5 years earlier, he probably would have been, but this kid is apparently Steve Guttenberg's nephew. Fun fact.

He looks a lot like J G-L though, right? 

2.    Xander's outfit is this episode is so familiar to me. He's like the guys I hung out with in high school. And I'm like Willow. Actually in that outfit, kind of. With more of a center part though. Yes, I was a girl who wore a center part. 

3.    Joyce gets lots of Good Mom points on the Good Mom/ Bad Mom scale in this episode. She reassures Buffy that her dad loves here and wants to spend time with her and you go Joyce, way to be a good Mom! 

4.   Why is it that nobody thinks it's incredibly strange that Giles & Buffy spend SO much time together? Seriously. 

That's all I've got for this episode. Again, Snoozefest. 

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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Buffy Season 1: I Robot, You Jane

     2 posts in one week, I'm pretty much a blogging rock star. I've got a whole day free, which for me is extra rare, so maybe I'll even make it through another episode!

     Ok, I, Robot, You, Jane. Very Willow-centered episode, and also the introduction of everyone's favorite techno-pagan, Miss Calendar. Also notable in that there is no appearance by Master Kool-Aid Mouth. Good. I can't look at that Kool-Aid mouth for one more minute. Gross.

     Anyway, so the demon Moloch gets trapped in a book by some monks back in the day (why is it always monks trapping demons in shit? I want to see some badass nuns trapping demons. Get on that, Joss. Please go back & rewrite the Buffy series to reflect my suggestions. Thanks!)
     Than we flash-forward to Sunnydale circa 1997 (holy crap that's a long time ago!), where Miss Calendar is using free student labor to basically scan the entire library onto the internet. Moloch gets scanned into the computer and havoc ensues. Hooray! 

1.    Miss Calendar. She is amazing. Perfectly disheveled at all times. There is also a scene where her hair is crimped. 1997.

2.     There is some amazing bad hair in this episode. Between Miss Calendar's crimped 'do and Buffy's too high ponytail, I don't even know what to do with myself. 

I remember being in like 5th grade and desperately wanting to be able to wear my hair like that. Yikes.

3.     Guest star for this episode: Chad Lindberg, who I loved as O'Dell in October Sky. Did anyone else just LOVE that movie? He was in a great episode of Law & Order: SVU about a trans woman. Because EVERYONE is on SVU.

4.      I think we need to have a talk about the Sunnydale High dress code. This episode is rife with clothes that would have gotten you sent home from my high school, or at least you'd have to go change into your gym clothes for the rest of the day. Crazy short skirts, you can see Buffy's bra through nearly every shirt she wears in this episode, and WTF Xander is wearing a shirt that says Porn Star on it. 

Seriously. If your bare ass is touching the chair when you sit down, your skirt's too short.

5.     The computers in this episode. I love how they're talking about how serious and awesome all the technology is and then they show this guy on this amazing laptop. I need to know where I can get one. 

6.     There is so much great Miss Calendar/Giles bickering. So much, and then what up, she's a technopagan- Supernatural Love Connection!

7.     Moloch has Willow kidnapped & is going to give her "everything", whatever that means. He made a robot body, which of course Buffy defeats by making him 'splode himself. Willow gets in some good hits with a fire extinguisher too. Way to stand up for yourself Willow. 

What did I take away from this episode? Moloch is a robot demon & Buffy wears the raddest leopard trench. Adorable.
8.     The end of this episode makes me extra happy. Giles is super dashing and wonderful, as you can see in this Youtube video (I don't know why it won't let me embed the video. Weird. Interwebs!). Also a great exchange between Buffy/Willow/Xander

Willow: "Malcolm. Moloch. Whatever he's called. The one boy that's really liked
me and he's a demon robot. What does that say about me?" 
Buffy: "Doesn't say anything about you." 
Willow: "I mean, I thought I was really falling..." 
Buffy: "Hey, did you forget? The one boy I've had the hots for since I moved
here? Turned out to be a vampire." 
Xander: "Right, and the teacher I had a crush on? Giant preying mantis." 
Willow: "That's true." 
Xander: "That's life on the Hellmouth." 
Buffy: "Let's face it. None of us are ever gonna' have a happy, normal
Xander: "We're doomed!" 

     THE END! 

I love how 90's this episode was, and also how rad and wonderful Miss Calendar is. Next episode is the ventriloquist dummy episode. Hooray! 

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Season 1- "Angel"

     So Season 1, Episode 7. "Angel" Also known as "Let's all Objectify Angel Immediately"

     The title doesn't lie, there's a lot of Angel action in the episode. The Master & the Anointed One are still hanging out, which is a little weird because the Master is a bajillion years old and the Anointed One is a little kid. The Master need the Anointed one though, so I'm sure they're like, microwaving a lot of pizza rolls & watching TGIF, becuase it was the 90s and that was the thing.
     They send some extra badass vampires called the Three after Buffy, and then the good stuff starts.

     I actually am finding it really difficult to write about this episode, because everything I want to say revolves around Angel being so young looking and adorable. Anyway.

1.  Buffy is moping around at the Bronze because she doesn't have a boyfriend? Buffy. Seriously. You're the baddest of badasses and you need a guy to define you? Knock it off.
     HOWEVER. Follow that up with babyfaced ANGEL rocking a V-Neck, lurking in the shadows & following Buffy out of the Bronze. I'm a sucker for a man in a V-Neck.


2.    They fight the Three, they win, Buffy takes Angel back to her house, where OF COURSE Angel has to take his shirt off because he got injured or something. Basically, who cares why. 

Shirts? Nah, I never wear 'em.
3.    Angel puts his shirt back on & we get to play "Good Mom/Bad Mom" again. Joyce comes downstairs & tells Buffy that Angel has to leave because it's late & he's some strange man hanging around with her teenage daughter (Good Mom!). She then goes upstairs to bed, giving Buffy the opportunity to sneak Angel up to her bedroom. (Bad Mom)
       At this point, get your heads out of the gutter because they totally sleep chastely fully clothed and not even in the same bed. 


4.   Giles wears a cardigan & looks dashing. I couldn't find a picture of it, so here's a picture of Anthony Stewart Head, looking dashing. 

4. Angel & Buffy get their smooch on. SMOOCHIES. But wait! Angel gets all vampire-face-y and Buffy's like Wha-What? So that's out there. Angel=vampire.


5.    Darla goes to Angel's apartment & threatens him or something. His apartment is amazing. Darla gets Joyce to invite her in & then bites her & frames Angel for it, blah blah blah. Buffy goes to the Bronze in a sparkly shirt to fight Angel, Darla shows up with some guns, which is weird & Angel stakes Darla. 

       At this point in the episode, I'm getting bored, so it's a good thing that about now is when Master Kool-Aid Mouth throws a tempertantrum.

6.    The episode ends with Buffy & Angel smooching at the Bronze. So there's that. She gives him this: 
It hurt and he liked it. 

     So that's that. This episode... it's important story-wise and you get some good background on Angel, but not much HAPPENS. 

What? You needed one more picture of Angel without his shirt on? Well alright. 

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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Fashion Nugget Black & White Ruffles

NEW FASHION NUGGET! And by new, I mean this is kind of an old one that I never posted. I'm getting a little lazy about them. It's hard not to just fall back on a sweaterdress & a cardigan in the winter.

Vest over shirt over dress over.... 

Friday, March 8, 2013

Season 1- The Pack

     Ok. It seems that I've gotten even worse about posting. I have another fashion nugget in the works too, so hopefully this marks me turning it around, getting myself on track.

     Next episode of Buffy is "The Pack", or more accurately "Kids Get Possessed by Hyenas and Xander Tries to Sexually Assault Buffy."

     Everyone goes to the zoo, some kids get possessed by hyenas, and oh no! Xander's one of them!
Havoc ensues. A pig dies, the principal dies, a baby doesn't die but gets looked at like food. Willow wears a terrible orange sweater, and Buffy wears a watch cap & pulls it off.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Never Kill a Boy on the First Date

     I'm sorry folks, I'm the worst. I've been meaning to get on a schedule for posting, trying to post at least twice a week and obviously failing horribly at it!

     In hopes of making amends, Here is Season 1, Episode 5.

      Basically, the Master is a Kool-Aid mouthed weenie who's waiting for "The Anointed One", blah blah blah. Giles wears tweed, Xander wants to go on a date with Buffy, and Buffy wants to go on a date with a doofy guy named Owen

1.  Owen reads Emily Dickinson, which is adorable, but other than that seems really dull and bland. BO-RING. Why  would you even bother with him when you have....

2. BROODY ADORABLE ANGEL! Welcome back, Angel! We've missed you.

Seriously, no contest. Sorry Owen, you're just not V-neck-y enough.

3. We get LOTS of the Bronze, and what 90s gem of a musical act is playing? Well I'll tell you. It's Velvet Chain playing this song: 

4.  Giles wears a dashing sweatervest, Cordelia has horrible crimped hair and Buffy wears this FABULOUS jacket.
Furry and adorable

5.  BIG SPOILER! They think the Anointed one is this guy:

but it's really this adorable little boy!!!!!

Oh hi, I'm totally a little kid and SUPER EVIL! Yay!
6.  Also, this is the 2nd episode where Giles gets knocked out. 1 point for crazy tatted vampire, 0 for Giles. 

I've mentioned before that I'm.... a little bored watching Season 1, but there's a tasty treat coming up, because the next episode is "The Pack" which means movie connections! 

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Monday, February 11, 2013

Whedon Project: Buffy Season 1, Episodes 3 & 4

     Well, it seems I'll be doubling up on episodes for a while. I love Buffy, I really do, but I'm in the camp that loves Seasons 5, 6 and 7. I know a lot of people don't like Seasons 6 & 7, but I think Whedon does some of his best character development in Season 6. So there. Boom. Anyway, what I'm really saying is that I'm feeling pretty ho-hum about Season 1 right now. Meh.

On we go!